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Welcome to the Penile Cosmetic Surgery Center specializing in penis enlargement surgeries, including permanent penis lengthening surgery, penis widening surgery, and penis head enlargement surgery

The Penile Cosmetic Surgery Center is led by Dr. Krakovsky, a world-renowned plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Krakovsky holds a patent for penile triple augmentation surgery, the most popular phalloplasty surgery technique used by many phalloplasty surgeons today.

Historically, penis widening (phalloplasty) included free fat transfer (FFT), metametilcrilate (MMPA), silicone, and even oil injections. In recent years, liquid silicone has been replaced by silicone implants for penis widening augmentation (phalloplasty). All of these techniques are associated with high complication rates and are still considered experimental.

Phalloplasty surgery includes free fat transfer (FFT) technique, for penis widening, silicone implant technique for penis widening and grafting technique for penis widening

Some patients experienced negative outcomes such as penis lumping and bulging with lack of smooth shaft appearance after fat or silicone injections, partial or complete fat absorption, and rupture of the shaft skin from silicone implants. Reconstructive phalloplasty surgery to correct penis damage after these procedures costs double or triple the price of the initial "cheap" surgeries that some patients decided to undergo.

Phalloplasty augmentation with skin graft (DFG using the patient’s own skin or AlloDerm® or BellaDerm® using donated skin) is the standard for penis widening augmentation surgery because this technique produces good cosmetic and aesthetic results. Penis widening augmentation phalloplasty with skin graft has the highest success rate, minimum complications and is recommended by the vast majority of phalloplasty surgeons around the world.

Skin grafts can be done using the patient’s own skin (DFG) or using a BellaDerm® graft. AlloDerm® grafts can be used upon request.

Phalloplasty surgery also includes penis lengthening surgery. The penile lengthening augmentation technique makes the penis longer by cutting ligaments that hold a portion of the penis inside the body. Clients who require penis lengthening and penis widening can request the Penile Dual Augmentation™ technique. For comprehensive enlargement, clients can select Penile Triple Augmentation™, which includes Penile Dual Augmentation™ and penis head enlargement.

How do you measure up?

How do you measure up?

In the latest study of 15,521 men published in the British Journal of Urology researchers measured flaccid and erect penile size measurements to determine the “normal” size of man’s penis and help you answer the question

Am I Normal?
How do you measure up?

A study by Brian Mautz reveals that women in Australia want a man with a big penis.

Sizing up the Competition

A study on Penis Size and Male attractiveness appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States and America. The study, led by Brian Mautz, found that there is direct correlation between penis size and how women were attracted to it. 

"The first thing we found was that penis size influences male attractiveness," Brian Mautz says.
A study by Brian Mautz reveals that women in Australia want a man with a big penis.
Dr. Krakovsky

Dr. Alexander A. Krakovsky


Dr. Krakovsky holds several patents pertaining to Cosmetic Penile Augmentation Surgeries.


Dr. Krakovsky has spent the last five years teaching cosmetic surgeons around the world on the correct way of performing his patented Penile Triple Augmentation Surgery.


Dr. Krakovsky has authored numerous articles sharing the art of phalloplasty surgery with colleagues.


Dr. Krakovsky is a practicing world-renown cosmetic surgeon.


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I received triple augmentation from Dr. Krakovsky (lengthening, widening, and glanular enhancement). The three surgical procedures were performed with excellence in less than three hours. I could not believe this. But I honestly had zero pain on the same day as the surgery and no pain from this surgery ever. More